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In this tech demo, you can move around using the W A S and D keys and use your mouse to look around. To exit it, hit your Esc key and close the window.

A big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback and stressed our server test. We will be conducting another public test in November. Until then if you would like to see the stream, reach out and we can schedule a private test.


Everything you Need

At BlackCap Creative, we've combined our collective knowledge in the computer graphics and entertainment industries to offer our clients a state of the art tool to showcase their ideas and products.

The applications we build are custom suited to your needs and are the best way to leave an impression and create meaningful impact. Below we have several examples of applications we can build and why they would be a great fit for you.


Ease trade show expenses
Remote presentations
Explore a product that would require on site visits

Using a replica of your showroom or something custom, you can showcase your products from large machinery and vehicles to small appliances.

The key focus of these interactive spaces is to allow consumers the ability to view your product in a space they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

For interactive options, we can create animations of how the product works or create ways for users to customize colours, accessories and view the product from any angle.

Business Presentation


Reduce showroom and marketing cost
Expand your reach
Showcase customization packages

If you don't already have an existing 3D model, we can use your floor plans and building documentation to make a digital replica of your development.

Working with your interior designs, we can match all the surfacing inside and outside of the project so potential buyers can get an early preview of what the end product will look like.

For interactive features, walls and flooring can be changed or coloured to suit the customer and can be set dressed or left empty.



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