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3D Animation and Motion Graphics Services

Pre viz | Pre Production | Production | Post Production

We offer support for each stage of an animations production.

For previz projects we do quick turnarounds according to your budget and shot list.

During Pre production we work to produce concept art, scripts, storyboards and animatics to help prove proof of concept as well as to help narrow down what the intended production should look like.

During production we use the assets we created during the pre production process and use them to create 3D characters and sets.

The process starts with digital proofs of 3D, after any revisions, we move on to creating a 3D draft animatic. Expanding on the storyboard animatic with more 3D sets and character animation, at this stage we do minimal facial animation as we are focused on nailing down the most dynamic poses and motions. It is important to have your audio sourced at this stage for timing.

Once approved, we move forward with final polish animations and matching to voice over and other audio, tweaking lighting, post effects, and other effects for the animation. At which point we render everything out.

During post production we do all the cutting, correcting, and final video edits as we composite everything together for a final video. Video graphic effects, tittles, and more are added in post.



Kelowna, BC


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