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Life at BlackCap

James Smith Founder and Creative Director

"Creativity needs room to breathe and innovation requires a calm mind." - James Smith


To that end we have made a remote studio made of local people. We all live in Kelowna but we all work from home.

Our working environment, is your environment! Seriously, if that is at home on your super duper comfy couch or down at the coffee shop, it doesn't matter. We gauge your performance on your output, not on where you were and when.

When you are happy and comfortable, you perform better. If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that you don't have to be in the office to get things done!

Working Mom

But how does that work?

Working on a Computer
Working from Home

We take a lot of inspiration from sprint and kanban software development methods, and that has led to a daily meeting. Which is nothing more than a instant messaging room where we want you to tell everyone three things when you start your day.

What did you do yesterday?

What do you plan to do today?

What do you need?

Traditional meetings suck and really aren't efficient, so we don't do them. There is a lot of autonomy in our production process, we use software to track and assign tasks based on milestones and deadlines, share goals and even just to chat. 

When you start your day, you clock in, got an unexpected errand? Maybe your little one is sick and has to be picked up? Maybe an appointment? It's all good, just check out, switch your status to offline and we will see you when you get back.

What if you can't continue working till late in the evening? Seriously it's fine, we plan based on output so if you are hitting your production targets then it's fine.

Think you are a fit?

BlackCap is a Kelowna based remote studio established in 2016, we create custom software for other industries looking to build interactive experiences for their customers and as an external development team for the entertainment industry. Our work includes a wide range of production renders, product configurators, game prototyping, modeling, animation and more!

We are especially seeking creative individuals not adverse to analytical thinking with a strong passion to learn and a can do attitude. We believe in creativity and innovation and love the idea of interactivity with technology. We are a reliable, passionate group and we hope you are too.

Current Openings

Thank you for your interest, however we aren't looking to fill any more positions at this time.

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