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Our Services

Digital Art Services

Concept | 3D Modeling | 3D Rigging | 3D Animation

Unreal Engine Services

Level design | Asset integration | Material systems | Blueprint scripting

Our Team

We are a Canadian team located in British Columbia, specializing in the 3D pipeline for manufacturing, interactive content, games and film. Every member of our team is cross trained in the use of Realtime technologies and serve as a technical art team, providing services from concept and modeling through to rigging and animation.

We are also experts with the Unreal Engine and if you need that extra layer of support for integration and in engine work we got you covered. Our range of experience covers level design, material systems and custom blueprint scripting to support gameplay and mechanics development.

Why work with us?

Fast Onboarding

We are an agile focused team and we take pride in quickly adapting to your pipeline and technical needs. Following your documentation we take it a step further and create our own process for production and approvals before we send our work for review.

Adaptable Pipeline

We have a wide range of experience and can quickly adapt to pipeline changes on your end, be it software or  art style changes.

We specialize in the use of Unreal Engine but we have also produced content used in custom engines and Unity for projects ranging from interactive apps, video games, animation, and VR.

White Label Accommodation

We do accommodate white label work as well. If you are interested in a white label relationship be sure to reach out and we can discuss this in greater detail.

Self Managed

As we create a custom internal pipeline for your project, we assign an internal team leader to review all the files we produce to make sure we have covered all of the minor issues. Naming conventions, poly count, uv issues, topology, file versioning and more shouldn't be up to your outsource manager to find. 

We strive to make sure that when you review our work, you are reviewing the quality and direction, saving your manager time.

Professional Team

Regardless if your project is an urgent short term or a long term as needed, we aim to provide a great service with excellent communication and steady reliability.


Digital content creation for intellectual property should be secured and protected. All our work is stored and managed on an internal server and our team lead handles all of the submissions from our servers to yours. In addition, we don't globally outsource, every team member is a local hire to promote better internal relationships as well as to have better security.

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