While short term contracts and jobs as you need them are great, they can be costly on your schedule and quality between them is rarely consistent as you cycle through contractors.

For your long term projects we do offer a retainer service and we will help you develop your projects until it is either complete or you no longer need our services.

Below are examples of projects we offer this service to.


The permit application process is a lengthy one, especially as your development increases in scope.

We can help you with any visual aids you need when presenting your application, from renders and animations, graphs or photo editing.

These include community impact studies, light pollution studies, shadow studies and more.

Throughout the process we will get to know your project and any time you are required to submit amendments you can avoid the on-boarding process as we can jump right in.

Architecture Model Sketching


Our service for game development is primarily as a remote 3D art team and technical skills rolled in for rigging and animation.

We specialize in development with the Unreal Engine and are very familiar with the art asset pipeline and are capable of rigging custom non humanoid characters for the engine.

We are also able to create blueprint based scripting for your design as needed.

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Kelowna, BC


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